Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane IKE

Hurricane IKE
Monster Storm....
If there is any state I would fear the least for as far as management it is the State of Texas.
They are always the first to write the checks to get a job done and this is Not their first rodeo.
I have been told that reserves couldn't land at the airport because of the over flow of help.

Our blog friend in Dallas will get some of this storm.
A smart women and I am sure she is preparing for the high winds, storms and lack of whatever they fall short on.
Hang on Judi!!!
My nephew lives in Galveston, a beautiful island. His home will take a big hit!
Their web cams are already down and the storm hasn't yet hit.
Galveston hit before in 1900 hurricane.
read more here
I am assured he has already hauled ass.
I have had my eyes on CNN all day...thinking of all who fall in the path of this storm.
1000 inmates still there? Mexicans living there without papers?
What a disaster they have unfolding!


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Hmmm your guess is as good as mine!

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  1. I'm thinking of your nephew, TJ, and hoping he's OK! This is one HUGE storm!

    Thanks for the good thoughts!




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