Thursday, September 11, 2008

Here we go again...mother justice show me your hand!

Self-employed....speaking out.

Oh ney I say.....for 7 years we have worked at Pine Hollow Estates and the developer goes belly up won't pay!
Quote: You will get yours when I get mine!

A tad bit of info on the homes:
Type: Single Family
Year Built: 2004
Sq. Foot: 4,774
Est. Acres: 1
Summer Tax: $10632.43
Winter Tax: $5513.48
Style: 2 Story
HVAC: Central Air, Forced Air, Humidifier
Bedrooms: 7
Full baths: 5
Half baths: 1
Garage Size: 3 Car

He has money coming....I want my money now.
Using the backs of others is one thing but using their money is another....
Did he think adding a lawn sprinkler system would sell it after 4 years of sitting?
I should have done my homework!
I personally would stop building these monsters until the economy picks up.
I should stand in a very long, long line to get paid...put a lien against the home?
He will just go bankrupt and wash his hands of all liens.

Oh nay!
We will take his ass to court.

We tried small claims but he had his lawyer remove it and take it into civil court.

I pay a lawyer for knowledge of going pro-per....A term derived from the Latin in propria, meaning "for one's self," used in some states to describe a person who handles her own case without a lawyer.

It's your turn big shot lawyer who knows damn well the money has been earned.
( our lawyers talked on the golf course)

Let us just see how the hands of justice works.
We have all our invoices....
He hired our services....

What hole do they have such to escape.
I fear they do....
the point is...again I will have my day in court!!
So be it! WTF! This is nonsense! Total nonsense! He owes me $1400.00
nuff said!

Judi our blog friend.....keeping an eye on hurricane Ike and you.
They say Dallas is going to get 75 mile /hour winds, long lines at the pumps and possibly no electricy!!
Sending a hug!
you have much to do.
My nephew lives in Galviston, he's already hauled ass inland.


  1. This Bites!! Sounds like after you get your money from him you never let him use you again! Jerk! (him, not you)!

  2. I hope you get paid! What a skunk!

    And re the hurricane...thanks, TJ! I'm hoping all we get is rain in Dallas, but we'll see. I have friends in Houston who have decided to stay, & I hope they weather it out alright. Of course, lots of people have evacuated. If I were living in Galveston, there's no question I'd evacuate.


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