Thursday, September 11, 2008

Flat on my....

While trying to do a good deed today I fell, yup right straight down on my ass, ( butt for some). For almost a full minute I sat waiting for what may have followed.

I live! I was a tad surprised.

My surgery and all those adjustments to my spine line held tight!

Hubby said "Get up sissy gurl", I flew him the bird.

My good deed was to power wash my sisters deck ( my deck technically ) but the house is hers while she rents it.

That's two good deeds two days in row. Getting the twelve cords of wood rolling over to Aunties was yesterdays.

I am on a roll.


I am a true believer is what goes around comes around and both of these people have been very good to me.

It was simply my turn.

My camera situation is grim.

I am camera less....a very disturbing and financially overwhelming predicament!

I have grown in my skills since my Kodak easy share.

I want a push for more experience.

I want a bang for my buck!

I want a real camera.

Meanwhile making a fool of myself yet not feeling foolish at all...I am on the search for a specif bottle of wine. I believe it to be a Sicilia wine, never say I think to wine dealers.
Ahhhhh but you should know if this served your pallet well....Whateva!
I am a wino not a wine conciser.
MandraRossa's Fiano.
Loved it! Can't find it...

Next good deed....getting my moms computer fixed.
Or should I say fixing my mom...laughing!

Remembering 9/11. Peace to all.
A day I know I will never forget.

so goes my story, [et on raconte ainsi mon]
Hugs TJ


  1. TJ with no camera is a crime! :) I'm glad you're ok girl.


  2. Good to know you lived through the fall. Cameraless is a BAD situation! But you're doing enough good deeds that maybe, just maybe, a camera will fall in your lap. . . :)


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