Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oppositions...blah blah

So goes the Presidental our county.

Sad today, my digital camera is on the blink.
I have had it for nearly 9 years....hasn't it just another single photo for me?
I have been on the internet searching for answers...some suggest a new memory card and I have already replaced the batteries.

The family has decided to ralley around my aunt and uncle with help for firewood, enough for the season.
It was a tuff audience to convience as they have been fairly spend thrifty through out their years.
Broke is broke and family should be able to let go of their personal opinions and the passing of judgement when another is in true least that was my push.
So 12 cords of wood at $68.00 a cord should be a welcomed help and sign of family love and support.

Working on getting our winterization cards out....reaching out to 300 possible new customers.
Haven't a clue just what else to do, local advertising is out of $$$ reach.

Ike is looking bad, Corpus is such a beautiful place.
I love the Texas coastals.
I am afriad....we seen first hand what Catrina did.
Thank God they have enough notice........
Love TJ


  1. My last camera didn't last 1're lucky!

  2. I just paid $490 for 2 cords of wood. ( 1 oak, 1 pine) I live in the mountains...argh!

    Good deed TJ


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