Monday, September 22, 2008

It matters....

Oh matters!

1. Lay down and bra goes empty.
2. Bladder sling working nicely! :)
3. About Olay Definity Self Repair Serum
Ignites skin's natural ability to self-repair for diminished discolorations, dullness, brown
spots and wrinkles-----Just NOT seeing it!
4. Matrix professional Hair color #5 working the best ever on the greys.
5. No such thing as a bang for a buck!
6. Viagra doesn't work on drunk sleepy guys.
7. Knees and ankle fat is the hardest to loose.
8. Boys lie!
9.Life is empty without a camera.....
and ten.......
The big do have a change of life!


  1. Change of life? or mid-life crisis? :)

  2. So funny! I sympathize with the empty life without a camera. :( Hope you get yours up again soon. :)


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