Saturday, September 27, 2008

par?ti?san oh damn par?ti?san

Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on, brah!...
Lala how the life goes on. ( Beatles)

Leaves are falling fast this year and the talk is we will see the 30's this week at night.
Placing whole peanuts on the deck daily for the chippy's and getting the bird feeders ready.
Yup, it is fall.

I wish we could do a color tour of the upper pennisula.
Have to take the last of the work for the season....and it's coming in slowly.

Tonight Meg and Ethan comes.
Ice Cream birthday cake and hot tub ready!
Happy Birthday Ethan...youngest grandson takes another leap into 6 years.
He is a stink, has some real issues with behavior on his bus.
A logical explanation, 6 years on this planet and a natural born Huck Finn...grama thinks he is doing pretty damn good.
(Will mention I would hate to be his bus driver in truth.)

Watch the debate last night.
What does America want?
We want more details

That wasn't a debate as far as I am concerned.
I wonder just how much experience either has in debate?
Ya know the old school debates where both sides directly tell what they know about a topic of interest. Blah ...
It is still so par?ti?san!!

Would someone please pick the ball up and go for it?

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