Saturday, October 4, 2008

Enjoy the ride....

(photo sent to me in a email) Looks like my Abbey.

Had a long wonderful talk with Denise last night.
Today is her 29th birthday.
She's made Captain now in the Air Force and plans to retire in 20 years.
Her last words of wisdom for me was that women have babies so they can entertain themeselves during football season. {{{{ laughing.... }}}}
I don't guess she never plans for a little one of her own.
What a shame, they are a nice couple having alot to offer a child.
BUT... raising children is not for everyone.
It's good to know when your responsibility plate is full...

Life these days...ya just never know what to expect.
SOOOOOOOO Enjoy the ride!

Leaving for a weekend with my mom.
I love the time we can spend together.

Wishing all who passes through...a great weekend.

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