Thursday, October 2, 2008

Picking the bones...

At heart I’m basically a Darwinian economist, and would like to see the sharks and the wolves pick the bones of the crippled companies that let greed fatally weaken their position in the marketplace. But my head tells me that if a substantial number of our banks and some of our biggest manufacturers start collapsing all around us, the fear and panic will create another situation like we had prior to the worldwide Great Depression.

It’s too bad that Wall Street couldn’t have followed the simple business model of Main Street McDonald’s, which is: work hard, provide a good product and good customer service, and above all, make people pay for their hamburgers, not give them the burger and throw in some fries and a free drink for a promise that they’ll pay later, if and when they get the money, and if they haven’t spent it on something else.

Thanks friend, I hear ya!


  1. This is a beautiful blog, TJ...

    Thru and thru.


  2. Your slideshow is beautiful!

    Scary stuff happening. XXOO


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