Saturday, October 25, 2008

That time again already...

The webs we weave.

Happily we celebrated our last day of a bolt of lightning it then dawned on me...Hey dumbness...NO MON-NO FUN!

I grow more and more understanding of the reality that life is a double edge sword.

Hubster is packing up "das boat" and getting ready to pull out in the morning with his buds to Ohio for Walleye fishing.
He is sporting the most perfect "GARFIELD SMILE" and I can't say that I would expect anything less...

I did manage to get two more perfect gifts for Christmas yesterday.
The PET PAL- Animal Doctor nintendo DS.
Is your Siamese cat out of sorts? Does your hamster have a cough? Better let the Animal Doctor have a look with Pet Pals: Animal Doctor - Nintendo DS from Majesco Entertainment. In this realistic world of veterinary adventure, you are the doctor in charge; your skill and compassion are the difference between an animal's life and death. Enter this exciting field as a fresh-faced rookie, and then work your way up through the ranks to become the top veterinarian in this fun and realistic veterin.

I also ordered a book from Barnes and Noble- So you want to be a vet? for Megan.
I see many a winter's weekends laughing with this new game!
Meg is fabulous with the Sims.

Now thinking-What ever will I do with my own self?

Lots of thoughts on these days ahead but again I am not sure.
Must get a plan going...but first and for most must I have to send him on his way.
I have a good idea of what I will be doing.
Soaring like an eagle comes to mind.
until later TJ


  1. You're funny! I'm sure you'll make good use of your time. :)

  2. Congrats on your last day. We are buying Wii games and Xbox games this year, a first for me. ;) I better get a jump on things too.

    Love ya!


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