Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whateva the hell?

Yeah, a little update to the following!

Judge denies the motion to dismiss and gives us a court date. We DO NOT have to pay for his lawyer. His lawyer seemed shocked but the facts speak for lawyers for us just the cold hard facts.


  1. Sick to death of the abuse in the systems....
  2. Dear God who dreams up all these laws?
  3. Today we go before the judge finally!
  4. We have had to jump through hoops and spit sideways just to get this far.
  5. It started out with a customer owing a tad over a $1,000.00 for a year now.
  6. We took him to small claims.
  7. He, a big shot developer turned it over to his lawyer to remove it from small claims and take it to civil court. ( hoping to scare us off we are sure)
  8. Then the letter of disclosers and more disclosers, we are pro bono.
  9. Now the facts have and always have been the very same...yet today we find out if it is to be thrown out of court and we pay his lawyers fees!!
  10. Did I mention his lawyer called last week and offered us a whomping $200.00??

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