Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ancestry...finally finished! A huguenot huh?

Millais' painting, A Huguenot and his Catholic lover on the eve of St. Bartholomew's day.

I am a direct descendent of the French Huguenot's that came to America as wine making and drinking pilgrams.
My dad has finally completed his years of research of our family tree and I am the last to add our immediate information.

My family survived the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre
of 24 August – 17 September 1572, Catholics killed thousands of Huguenots in Paris. Similar massacres took place in other towns in the weeks following, with death toll estimates again ranging wildly, from thousands to as high as 10,000.[citation needed] An amnesty granted in 1573 pardoned the perpetrators.

Here are a few others..
Eight American Presidents (George Washington, Ulysses S. Grant, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford and Lyndon Johnson) had significant proven Huguenot ancestry, as did founding fathers Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and Paul Revere. Twelve other U.S. Presidents had credible but unproven claims to Huguenot ancestors. [19]
Davy Crockett, celebrated 19th-century American folk hero, frontiersman, soldier and politician was of Huguenot stock. The Crockett's were the descendants of Huguenots who fled France in the 17th Century and migrated to Ireland. Crockett is an Anglicized version of the name "de Crocketagne".
Francis Marion, American Revolutionary War guerilla fighter, was of predominantly Huguenot heritage.
In 1924 a commemorative half dollar, known as the Huguenot-Walloon Half Dollar[20], was coined in the United States to celebrate the 300th anniversary of their initial settlement in what is now the United States. One Huguenot colonist was a silversmith named Apollos Rivoire, who would later anglicize his name to Paul Revere. He would, still later, give his name and his profession to his son, Paul Revere, the famous United States revolutionary.

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