Friday, November 14, 2008

It's Deer Season

Today starts the weekend of Open Day for Deer Season.
Hubster has his fun meter cranked to high!

This for me means a weekend with mom!
Today we will leave for our annual Soaring Eagle trip, then Sat. night we will spend the night together wrapping Christmas gifts and planning the holidays.
Treasured moments....

Haven't wrote much in my journal lately.
Just not alot I care to share at this time. My camera was my bridge for interest and with it's absence I feel lame.
Until later


  1. I love deer so much...always try getting nice shots of them...but by shots, I mean PHOTOS!!
    Eek...i couldn't live w/ a hunter.

    Enjoy the solitude!


  2. Well let us know how the trip goes, camera or not:)

  3. Enjoy this time with your mom TJ. HUGS

  4. I hope you had a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING! I look forward to your getting a new camera and seeing more posts!




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