Monday, December 1, 2008

winter wonderland, the first of the year

Wow! Winter wonder land out there and the best part is that it is snow that makes great snowballs...MEANING fabulous Snowmen!
85 schools closed in our we see the kids hit the great outdoors and oh what fun!

Last evening I called both my sons homes and told the grandkidz to get their bottoms outside, wearing their pajama bottoms inside out under their snow pants and start the dance of "We want a snow day off from school tomorrow "
Me, I was doing the dance in my heart, running to the window about every 1/2 hour doing a visual inch check of freshly falling snow and flashing back into the past.
The boys made snowboys and I did the snowgirls.

Hubster carried up the Xmas tree from the storage declaring he had done his part. For a moment my heart sank...I had always thought we would do the decorating together after the boys had grown and gone. NOT!
No damn romance in plopping the tree down and walking away and he never gave it another thought.
I will have to let it pass or bring it out in the open and get it over with I guess.

Today i will do more...hopefully with loving help.


  1. women always want to decorate together, it seems to me, and men...well they hunt the tree and they are done.


  2. We need snow and rain. I'm getting roses in December! Send snow TJ. lol

    I'm the scrooge as I sit on Dave to keep him from buying a real tree too early. lol



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