Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow days

Listening to Johhny Mathis- Give me your love for Christmas

Yup...7 inches of snow so far and I have been locked up with the virus.
Talking with the oldest son today...remembering when I wished for snow days so they could miss school and spend it with me building snowmen and going to Frankenmuth to the hills for sledding with a thermos of hot chocolate.

I will love the memories to the end of time.

I wish my kids could experience more with their kids....time requires so much work.

Friday night Meg and Ethan are coming. Mom and dad have a Christmas party about 1 and 1/2 hours away. Lots of driving for the work party and I only hope the roads are good.

Mean while we will be constructing a Gingerbread house together and watching the video Gold Diggers- Secret of Bear Mountain. Loved it! Meg is 10 years old, she will really like it.

I could not help but notice my blog is messed up but that is okay....i will work on it all later.
God only knows what I did.

Love to you and yours always,
a piece from my book....

We was greeted at the front of the lodge by a man who simply said “Mr. Buckle” with his arms crossed over his chest, a strange man I am thinking.
He stood like a giant on the driver’s side of our car as Carl got out and introduced himself and then my mom, Sue Zims and then last but not least me, Jack Zims.
Mr. Buckle had a skinny, gray ponytail hanging out the back of his faded University of Michigan baseball cap. He had on some crazy red high top tennis shoes with a few holes, some dinger white calf socks and worn sweatpants that were about 4 sizes to small topped off with a flannel shirt that had the sleeves ripped off. He talked a lot and different using a lot of “Da’s and dis” and shared with us all the aspects of life in da great U.P.
He helped carry our bags to our room and told mom and Carl all about dealing with 356 inches of snowfall and sub-zero tempuratures to that one wonderful month of summer and bloodsucking mosquitos large enough to carry off a Ferrell cat. The last thing he said as he starred straight at me with a huge teethy grin was that there are a lot of swamps around here and it is easy to get swallowed up.


  1. I am trying to write everything down every day, so I have all of these memories that could be forgetten when my kids are older. Sometimes I feel like I am just writing, "today we did this" but I know later it will be special.

  2. TJ, I remember so many similar things...how we enjoyed those snow days! And making hot chocolate with marshmallows in the kitchen afterward. My house is so quiet these days, with all my kiddoes grown. I'm glad you have your grandkids nearby. That means so much. And hey, if you guys come to Texas next year, we're going to meet!




  3. TJ! I`m finally able to comment, just in time to read some of your Book!
    A little Faulkner, huh?
    Terrific! Can I see more?
    Love & hugs,

  4. I hope you`re having a wonderful Holiday, tj.


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