Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Home and Baby it's cold outside

I am back.
5,700 miles later and yet I am still restless.
If I had to guess it could be the fact that I am feeling much like being trapped in a freezer.

Had a beautiful trip, great weather most the way to Texas and New Mexico and then back again.

My dear sweet friend Karey is holding up well after her diagnose of brain cancer.
Her surgery went well, yet 5% or more remains in her occipital lobe. Her future seems uncertain even with chemo and radiation. That act of giving her a hug was more for me then her I am sure...but the smile on her face when I walked in was worth more then words could ever express.

We bought a little winter escape just north of Corpus.
A fishing park and everyone seem so nice.

A real shame we had to come back for court. The judge suggested that we now get Sabos account manager into court. would be so easy if he would just pay.
The plus is I am leaning law 101 about how the wealthy hide their money.
I have his tax returns for the last 5 years and his insurance policys.
Seems he is worth millions dead as these policys were taken out last year.
He still has to explain how he afford those quaterly payments if he hasn't any income to pay us...where is the justice?

Looking forward to catching up on TJ


  1. Welcome home TJ! I'm glad you were there for your friend. Fishing park in Corpus? Maybe you can meet Judi. (not sure how far she is)

    Good luck!

    Love tammy

  2. Hey, we used to live in Corpus. :) But I feel kinda trapped in a freezer right now too.

  3. (((((((((TJ!!!))))))))))))

    Welcome back! I'm in Dallas, and coming back from Chicago today, Dallas really looked good. Maybe the guy is participating in Death Bonds (which creep me out).



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