Monday, February 9, 2009

Kids absorb and parrot what they see, and hear.Grandmother's have a responsibility also.

In response to Lazy Grama's email.

I believe with all my being that being a grandmother is a "second generation" mother.

I can not see any reason why grandmothers would feel they have a "right" to be lazy when it comes to the time spent with her grandchildren.

I feel quite the opposite.

Most grandmothers spend small increments of time interacting with the grandchildren compared to mom.
Being a mother first, a grandmother second I know I have quality's and faults in children's developmental psychology. Meaning I have made my mistakes and now I would like to think I have learned a few things along the way.

I do not let my grandchildren believe for one second that I would ever consider keeping a secret from their parents.
I do not bargain with my grandchildren or let they pull me into arguments because it is easier then the confrontations.

I try to spend quality time with our grandchildren which indeed takes energy.
I don't compete with other grandparents when the kids try to compare me to the others in order to bargain.

Of course I want their love but more then that I want their respect.
I want them to know me and what I am about.
I want to contribute so they know that I stand beside and behind their parents and that we are ALL family.

I hope to always do my part so I don't think BRATS for grandchildren when they come to visit our home. I hate to think their parents have to fight to straighten them out when they go home because I have been lazy.

I have been told I am the greatest in the world to the far extreme of the meanest ever for a grama.
Not so much different then I was raising the boys.

I have learned and try never to forget: If you aren't careful with the "giving in" and "giving up" with your children and your grandchildren they will see you as weak and before you know it, not only will they think they are your equals they will soon think you are "idiots" that can be manipulated just as your children would. Kids absorb and parrot what they see, and hear at home and with grandparents.

I will and always make time for the cuddles, the games, the arts and the listening to all you have to say. I love to help and share with new new things and adventures.
I will love you with my last breathe...

Whats you opinion?


  1. Amen sista! The other grandparents spoil and cater to TK, I don't. Love ya!

  2. Very well said! I appreciate every moment with those precious kiddos. :)


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