Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mending the Hurt Feelings...

What a weekend!!

The four of us headed out....North to Soaring Eagle Casino.
That was after I spent time busting into my piggy bank!
I had dreams of filling it up to the very brim but that wasn't going to happen.

That should go on the list of things I have yet to do...FILL UP A PIGGY BANK.

Had a great time, drank lots off beer and laughed for hours with mom.

I felt so bad, it seems that mom went into a depression when we left for the month in Texas.
Earl said she sobbed.

We have extended a invite for them to join us next winter for any length of time they need and they plan to find a place for themselves.

I had NO IDEA she would be so sad...
I love you mom and I am sorry if I hurt you.

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  1. What a great daughter you are (and what a great friend, too!).


    It's good to read your posts again!




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