Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nicole B Photo Challenge

Nichole B....a Challenger Hunt
I have done so many..Halloween, Harley...
but a {{photo challenge}}
I am excited about this! I have a new camera..
The hunt starts today and ends March 15Th

Here’s your list (it’s a bit focused on the “local” theme):

1) local currency
2) local flag
3) local food
4) something rusty

5) local wildlife
6) local nature
7) local stamp
8) part of your neighborhood (it can be a very small part )

9) traditional house
10) a local person
11) local weather
12) local transportation
13) traditional local clothing
14) night sky
15) sunrise
16) local product non food
17) something furry
18) something feathery

19) a sign of the season
20) a part of you
21) your main hobby
22) a local shop
23) a local restaurant
24) a street sign
25) a local mail box

There's a challenge... for my new camera!

My Post for Single

A new photo has been posted...

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  1. I'm going to try this. I will be posting it once I get started, I have already printed it out.


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