Monday, February 16, 2009

What's in your box?

They are bad enough without the cold, cloudy. gloom I am seeing outside.

Mr. Dynamic is walking at the mall 7:00 sharp with his brother every morning.
Every morning I hear "Ah com'on, you can do it!"
Of course I can do it but I swear I think it is a great time for he and his brother to bond.
All their conversations about FISH, Fishing and such is enough to make me want to show up with a lure hanging from my lips to be noticed.
Trust me I know I am not really missed.

Funny how the years pass and you learn your comfy spots.
Young love means dragging each other along regardless and you wonder later wonder why you have feelings of resentments that tend to build.

Anyways, it is Monday.
I will start my morning by walking around the show room floor at Skaff's furniture Store. ( See I do walk )
Oh NO, not looking at furniture. ( a fun thing to do )
I will be dialing and redialing the oldest son's cell phone that has fallen into one of the cushions and gone missing.
They bought a new living room set yesterday and that was the last he seen of his cell. {{{laughing....}}}

The dynamic dual was heading to the Bay to see what condition the ice is after their walk. Much like two sick children looking outside from a window at what fun they could be having, they will stand with hands in their pockets and stare. Minds empty of any thoughts that they should be doing anything different with their time.

You know men have that empty box in their brain that allows them to stand in voids like that.

Not we women, our boxes in our mind overlap one other which makes such a task difficult...unless we set up an atmosphere for a deliberate meditation. Even when we give ourselves permission it is difficult not to carry out mental tasks.
That's a Dr. shared this with me.

New photos in Photo Expressions
Enjoy the day, it's yours to own.

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