Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ordinary Tuesdays...

We went out to the the the youngest son and his family yesterday.
Here is Allison, their youngest of four children.
It is amazing when I see just how happy these little ones are...four children to me would seem a huge handful.

Soon the start of March will be upon us and we will all be thinking about this last month before we go back to work for the season.
It comes faster every year.
Being partially retired is nice...

Today is a domestic day, catching up on all those daily things that build up.
Why can't I be more like my mother?
She is an incredible women. Always has been and always will be a role model I envy.
Her closets never get like mine..
how does she do it?

I guess somethings just are a daily task.
I know damn well she doesn't spend the time I do on the PC.
Question answered.

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