Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dream Moods

Together they lay in their lovers nest to tired to touch anything but the remote control and wanting only to watch senseless dribble and share in some conversation.

The week had been long, demands from all directions making for long hours to be filled by both.
Finally the weekend and there was that unspoken promise that no plans were to be made shared by both.

The weather had been exceptionally cooperative through out the workweek and now a gentle rain could be heard through the half cracked window.
The smell of mother earth was a reminder of springs promise for crocus and daffodils.
The night’s sky was dark and fast moving clouds rolled across the quarter moon.
They agreed it to be a perfect night for their peaceful retreat.

Joel watched as Jennifer painted her fingernails, the color polish bottle balanced in between her knees.
Teasing he asked if he was to be next.
Jennifer warned him not to move around and to be still as the balancing act of this task was hard enough.

In his stillness Joel feel asleep even as Jennifer was talking about events that she wanted to share with him.
Jennifer looks over and sees that Joel is sleeping with a small snore and wonders if he had heard much of anything of her conversation.

She stares at his muscular shoulders then down to his thighs, loving his nakedness.
Remembering that tomorrow is the first day of April, April fools day she smiles.

Climbing slowly out of her side of the bed she gently crawls on her hands and knees to the bottom of the bed.
She laughs quietly to herself as she starts to paint each of his toenails the bright glossy burgundy color she just finished applying to her nails.

In the morning when Joel pulled himself from the bed with a long stretch he heads to the bathroom.

At last the scream comes that Jennifer had imagined just before she fell asleep.
Happy April Fools Day Babe she whispers to herself.

Written for The Story Teller Week 3

[photo: My bedroom window, morning light]


  1. I always like to look up what dreams might mean but they don't often make sense.

  2. I think dreams, even nightmares are remnants of past or future lives, lived and unlived ...

    This was a sweet story indeed.

  3. Right Amias, that was sweet. A dream worth sharing. Thanks for participating in TaT :)


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