Monday, March 23, 2009

Sleeping with the boss...

Been sleeping...
Thirty Four...34 more days and we are back to work.
To be retired and have this small business is a blessing.
We started our business of service and repair of lawn sprinklers 12 years ago this year.
I worked as a stylist and for the first two years to help carry the financial weight getting this little dream off the ground.
I really never thought I would actually be involved, that is how naive I was...I thought the husband and son was doing great.
Then reality hit, they have customers and was growing.
There wasn't any one to answer the phones, schedule the work in a organized way and keep the books.
I joined them...a huge cut in pay I might add although the benefits were great.
I can work in my slack clothes, save money in gas and lunch and I can be very creative in my work schedule and I am sleeping with the boss!
( I have quit twice!) not that you really can.
I have fired the son twice...not that you really can. I have even given the husband time off with no pay...[laughing]
Managing women is a whole lot easier...

I am proud of the business my husband and son have generated, I have grown attached to most our customers.

The thoughts of a total retirement when we reach that golden age of 62years sometimes give me anxiety.
We are not the brightess stars in the sky but GM was crashing 12 years ago for us and other community members and we had to move on something, anything! It was a scramble for GM employees in our area, they closed our engineering facility where my husband worked along with major manufacturing shops employing 10's of thousands people, Completely Gone! We was forced out on a early retirement which left us 10 years short of our goals.

People,the majority who have landscape sprinklers would die before they give up the ease ability of keeping a great yard and flowers beds, how lucky for us.
We now have a little over 500 customers and a few commerical accounts.

We cut our prices last year even though insurances and gas was up.
It was tuff to loose the income but I really feel in my heart it was the right thing to do...we are all in this boat together.
I am feeling grateful.....very!
I have come to a conclusion from my hard earned wisdom that thoughts determine our life.


  1. Love the title of this blog post :)

  2. Alexis works with me and I have been sexually harassing her for years, lol.


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