Saturday, March 7, 2009

I cannot afford to lose the money...

In your cell phone directory enter a emergency contact number under the name of I.C.E.
This locates your contact person easily for any emergency for the police etc.
I have a I.C.E 1 for my home
and a I.C.E. 2 for my husbands cell

My agenda for helping my home in these troubled times...

Want a easily access to the best grocery deals weekly in your neighborhood?
It even has coupons...
I am started taking the money I have saved and put into a savings account.
Remember Goldilocks? Don't try to do too much. Don't try to do too little. Do it just right. I am sure it will add up slowly for some cash on hand later...

Home Taxes higher then your State Equalized Value?
I am fighting mine...if they have dropped the value of my home I feel the taxes should not keep going up.
I will keep the insurance the same after all the prices to rebuild have not gone down.
Wish me luck?

I am also considering the difference in car insurance on our second car.
I will add up that difference and maybe pay myself into an account in case of a accident and drop it to just personal liability coverage.

We have a new Natural Gas carrier available in our area.
I am doing the math there to see what saving we can get if any?
Busting the monopoly on our consumers would be something I would love to see...our present consumers has a flat minimal rate IF YOU USE IT OR NOT which makes it a higher bill then I care to pay no matter what. I think anyone should be rewarded with a lesser bill for lesser usage.
Example: We paid $20.00 more for the month we was home in a very cold Feb. the for the month we was gone in a very cold January.
That is not right!

There's my work cut out for me this up and coming week.
Anything I can do to help my money stay in my pocket is worth the time...



  1. You know from what I've written lately that I'm with you on this. And the real estate taxes...same thing happening here in Dallas. Why is no one talking about this on the news?


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