Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mouth sounds like it is falling down the stairs...Excuses!

Finally figured out FaceBook...a neat sort of site.
{{{ Tammy I have been shopping }}}
I have a baby shower to go to today...a couples thing.
And it is for two couples I barely know....
I never dig that deep for invites to anything I have ever had for someone.
You either are involved or not as far as I am concerned.
Ever notice that the people who have the great guest book list are the ones that throw such events the most often?
[I do!]
Oh well go and be done with it!
SSSSSSShhhhhuuuuuuttttt Me UP!
I do like baby things...but I will buy gift cards.

We have decided to walk the paths together, that was yesterday.
This morning I have the time change/32 degree whine ...can we wait until it is a bit warmer and closer to noon?
[Master of excuses]
I can spit them out so fast it sounds much like my mouth is falling down the stairs!
Best get off and bundle up..excuses won't dissolve [ thinking lbs.] a damn thing except the committment of my walking partner.


  1. I try not to go to events like that since I'm not really a friend of theirs. I hate the idea that I should be obligated just because you send me a formal invite.

    Damn, I sound like a hermit......

  2. Did you let Abby out of that box? LOL I'm thinking of adding poker...hold me back! LOL

    I avoid all showers like crazy. XXOO

  3. I'm like Chris, and at the risk of sounding like a total curmudgeon...I don't like baby showers! Don't get me wrong; I always give baby gifts, and nice ones, and I enjoy doing that...I just don't like showers of any kind.

  4. p.s. - I like rain, so I like that kind of shower.

  5. Oh I'm pretty good at making excuses too! Hope you got your walk. :) I've only been to one baby shower. :)


Nothing makes you more tolerant of a neighbor's noisy party than being there. ~ Franklin P. Jones
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