Thursday, March 5, 2009

I showed him...

Hey littlest Miss Bloggest!
What do you spend so much time blogging about?
Aren't you worried about privacy?

So I showed him.
I have my one blog which is also my signature for my emails. Mostly photos of the grandkidz and family.
My Photo Blog << created to spare my friends a million emails full of you can peek wheneva. Love TJ~

Next is my Photo Expressions Blog. Here is where I share photos with others who also post photos in group activities. There is alot excitement to be had while learning and sharing my growth in photography.

The Write Words Writing Club
is a blog that belongs to many. This writing club is open to all who have a thirst for writing that can not be quenched. Poetry, Haiku poems, Short story, Fiction and Non-Fiction what ever your style may be.

Then this one. This is where I journal my daily thoughts, a sort of time-line for what would be my " expression " for the day. My closest friends have this link. Much like a daily email they can keep close touch easily at their leisure with this blog. Often they read and respond with a note through email.

His comment was " Nice. Don't write about me..."
Oh no...TOO LATE!

I often think my interest in keeping a blog comes from the many years of standing behind people as a stylist and sharing on a daily basis.
I would have NEVER discussed so much of myself with any client as I do in the blog. I was more a listener but the interaction is basically the same.
It's about people sharing.


  1. It is about sharing. I've kept my blog writing to myself all these years. No hubby, no kids, no family, no in person friends. I've liked keeping this piece of 'me' to myself.
    Sorta a catch-22, I'm all about sharing this part of me online.....and there is a lot, I never share online about myself in person~~

  2. I could never keep up with so many! But I do try to peek at all your many ones, usually just clicking this one or that one each day. :)

  3. I like all my stuff in one place. I'm a Libra/Virgo. LOL


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