Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Do you know where your panties are?

One of those days...
[Abbey in morning nap]
I like to think of days such as this as a day of conserving energy.
Lazy would be most like it but the other sounds better.

"Stop, stop for a minute..."
"Not sure hold still"
He bends down and pulls at the bottom of my I turn my head to look down it was much to my surprise that he had my panties from yesterday in his hands.
He is laughing...
" Same jeans as yesterday ?"
Ya....and now I am laughing this isn't a first for me!
I usually can catch this before I leave the house..


  1. That's TOO FUNNY! Abby is precious even as an ole gal. HUGS

  2. LOL! Oh, I have a number of innocent, do you know where your panties are, stories, and I've done exactly this! I'm laughing with you, girlfriend!


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