Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Now that is just...

I will be the first to acknowledge that times do change...but when I got a invitation today from three of my girlfriends to go with them and get my belly button pierced well let's just say I got a damn good laugh.
As a matter of fact I am still laughing and I haven't called any of them as of yet with that curled up eyebrow and smirked out smile to ask "So how is it?"
I would need a diamond the size of a 50cent coin to add any glamour to that button of mine! and then still...

Friends gotta love 'em.
Just as much fun now as they ever was.

My entry for I Heart Faces a St Patty's day face capture....


  1. TJ,

    I love the new look! And I'm with you on the belly button piercing...no way!

  2. My daughter and step-daughter were pierced. Not sure how they look now, after a pregnancy or two. But I know when Brit was pregnant she took the bar out as the button got bigger and bigger. :)


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