Friday, April 3, 2009

Why Write?

Talking with my mom today....she comments on so much of all that I do is self taught, I think of it as experience of interest.

I have been writing all my life. Since I was young I left notes for expressing my perceptions. It was not only a way for me to reach out to be understood but also a measure in words for me to understand more about myself.

I was that girl who curled up on the end of her bed writing poems....
That teenager who wrote during history class about everything BUT history...
That young women who wrote letters to friends and family while far from home...
The mother who wrote to her sons and put it under their pillows and in their lunch...
and now I blog.

Words fill voids, words are independent expressions.
I named this blog Expressions for that reason.
Writing has deeper roots for me then promise.


  1. Words fill voids. I hear you. write on.

  2. You just described me. :) I still write, outside my blog, though not as much - typically I make and send cards. :)


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