Friday, March 21, 2008

Island Splash -not a big hit in our house

Speaking quite frankly....
( never been there or learn the language "FRANKLY" so I assume I am a natural Frankly speaker )


" What was that you just sprayed?" ...He asks as he enters the room

"Island Splash..why?"...I reply

" What is Island Splash?" ....He laughs with the "Whatup" hand gesture

" A feminine deodorant spray..." laughing

" Jesus!!" ...He says " And you women buy into that shit?"

"Yah...what it doesn't smell like a Island Splash?"... I am still laughing

He is laughing so hard by now he removes his glasses and wipes his brow.

I stand before him with my SMALL spray can that packs a promise and
a HUGE smell....laughing with him.

" Well just what would you suggest?" ...I ask

By now he is nearly doubled over with laughter.

"Anything would be more believable then Island Splash" ...still laughing

"Okay...go. What would be yours ?" Standing before him can in hand

" Catch of the day? " he spits out just seconds before he looses it.

"It should be called Catch of the Day!"

From the mouth of a man who only shops Gander Mountain, Cabala's and Pro Bass.

Catch of the idiot!



  1. Catch of the day?!?!?!?!



    It's a good thing he's not naming these things...

  2. Oh my hell, Catch of the Day? Did you let him live or do you need help hiding the body?

  3. {{{help hiding the body?}}}
    It's easter...let's hide the body!!
    Thanks for the laughs you guys..


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