Monday, March 24, 2008

Sickly edifice of gender clichés ??

What Makes Women Happy? yada dada da
by Blogs by Women

A recent book authored by Fay Weldon entitled “What Makes Women Happy”
is stirring up a bit of controversy.
Weldon claims that women can only be happy for about ten minutes at a time.



Ten minutes at a time is not a fair assumption.

Wait.. maybe it is a trick assumption...

how many times a day for ten minutes?

I was looking up her book What Makes Women Happy using Google

when I came across this blog entry.

Not sure this book is what I was looking for...

Young women need more books to support, influence and promote the development

of happiness from within and out/about.

(old broads please feel included) laughing

What makes me happy? hummmmm

I honestly think it would be easier to list things that make me unhappy.

Back to my search for a great Mother's day gift. I am buying that one perfect gift for each occasion this year. I like the challenge..

Speaking of Challenge...this one will be great!!

Round Robin Challenge: Your One Perfect Scene Captioned

Check it out, snap a picture and join in the fun.

Post is due Saturday, April 5th.

Last but Not Least... A thought.......Never weigh yourself with wet hair.

I am outta here.

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